Mastering Your Relationships with Women: If You Can Keep Them Safe, They Will Keep You Free

As men, we want to provide and protect what we have gained, including our relationships. But if we are insecure in our own strength, that insecurity will seep into our relationship, making it weaker. I have first hand experience of this in my previous marriage and my last long term relationship. I was so insecure that I was going to lose the "goodies" of the relationship I resisted anything that posed a threat. I particularly resisted when my woman had a problem with me. 

I've had three 'significant' relationships in my life including the union I am in now. In the past, when my woman faced a challenge, I would do what I've done in every area of my life when there was a challenge. Try to FIX IT! "What do you need honey?" "I'm sorry dear." "How can I help?" "Don't worry about it baby." This never worked! 


Over time, I have learned that what my woman needs is a rock. She needs a solid foundation to shed herself naked. To feel her fears of being alone or abandoned or manipulated or used or abused. And I need to hold her in tender, masculine strength. Now, when my woman is in fear, I LISTEN and shut the fuck up! Sometimes I ask "What do you need?"

That is why I recently posted on my Facebook page "What she desires from you in the dark, will destroy her in the light." What I mean by this is, the fire and fury that we embody as men is what attracts women to us. Yet, when they awake from being ravaged by us, they realize we are capable of this everywhere in our life and with anyone in our lives. This scares many women into their own insecurity. 

Where I used to be apologetic about my Sovereign Power, I now embrace and embody it. I hold my woman's body in my arms and I devour her fear with my heart. What attracts women to us is the promise of security. What attracts us to our women is their mystery. If we keep them safe, they will keep us free.

How to love a woman as an honorable warrior is one of many topics we dive into on our Warrior Webinars. I also work with women to embody their masculine energy so they can be more available for men on my Women’s Webinar series.

Until then,

Ed Kennedy