How to Become an Impeccable Man

Becoming impeccable means becoming a man who consistently keeps his promises to himself and to others. Men do not trust themselves because they do not keep their promises to themselves or others. And if they don’t keep their promises, they usually try to hide it, justify it, defend it, excuse it, instead of facing it. Sound familiar?

In A Course in Miracles it is said that “you do not fully trust (others) to do their job completely because you have never done yours completely”. Becoming impeccable opens up the possibility of trusting yourself and others which will allow you to take more risk!

In this video, I offer a 7-day assignment to do one thing consistently every day. Keep it simple like making your bed, brushing your teeth, doing 20-push ups. The experience of keeping your promise to yourself for 7 days straight will build confidence and momentum towards bigger and bigger commitments.

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Ed Kennedy