What Does It Mean To Be A Warrior?

Being a warrior is neither being a benign citizen or a mindless foot solider, a Warrior is a person who harnesses his entire being to participate in his life fully. He offers himself to his life completely without reservation but also without desperation.

My personal definition of a warrior is a person who is willing to engage in the struggle or conflict they experience in life and to do so with courage!

Too many men are squandering their talents on meaningless bullshit that is not making them happy.

They will lie on their death bed with regrets. Becoming a warrior may require you to make radical changes in your lifestyle, your career, your relationships, your health, and your view of others. This is a radical realignment of your entire identity to your true and authentic self. Any man can do this who is willing to be honest and willing to be shaped by other men.

YOU can do this if you are willing to be honest, willing to be shaped by other men and willing to be uncomfortable. And let me tell you it is TOTALLY worth it. When you are living your life as a Warrior you experience TOTAL FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT because you are not living with regret. You have cleared up any bullshit from your past, you’re owning your bad habits and developing your best traits. You will start to LOVE, RESEPECT, and ADMIRE yourself! Imagine that!!!

Masculine strength is a practice developed by a warrior. Deep down, you know a warrior lies within you. If you are willing to do this deep work, which many men are NOT willing to even consider, you are ALREADY becoming a Warrior in your life.

You are going to become a dynamic man. You will become a man that can both “go with the flow,” AND direct the flow of life for the good of yourself and others. You will find yourself more relaxed in situations which previously made you anxious. You will trust yourself and therefore be able to trust others.

To become a Warrior, you must confront where you have been anything but a Warrior. At the Warrior’s Weekend you will face all the areas of your life, past and present, where you have been:

  1. The Coward – unwilling to endure unpleasant or uncomfortable situations

  2. The Arrogant - feeding your ego’s sense of self-importance

  3. The Manipulator – getting what you want without moral principles

  4. The Vindictive – punishing others for their perceived mistakes

  5. The Sloth – unwillingness to develop discipline or implement rigor in your life

  6. And many more…

The Warrior’s Weekend is about you tapping into your authentic power rather than using force or manipulation. After the Warrior’s Weekend you will create incredible results as a symptom of your connection to your warrior spirit, rather than learning some new tips or tricks to get what you want.

Attending the Warrior’s Weekend is a courageous act because you will need to go DEEP into the parts of yourself you do not like, you are not proud of, and that are hurting yourself and others and TRANSFORM them into powerful forces for good in your life and those around you.

So take your first step to becoming a Warrior by purchasing your ticket to the next Warrior’s Weekend!


edward kennedy