Awarded Digital Marketing News' 2018 40 Under 40, Ed has consulted with Fortune 500 companies to successfully invest millions of dollars into their digital marketing and technology programs. Ed has helped build several multi-million dollar businesses including contributing to a $1.14 billion dollar valuation and sale of a global software company.

  • Eight years leading transformational seminars to thousands of participants for one of the world’s largest personal & professional development organizations.

  • Business strategist for $100 million dollar software company

  • Technology and marketing consultant for Fortune 500 companies

  • Studied dozens of disciplines for the development of men including psychology, ontology, meditation, entrepreneurship

  • Public speaker with over one hundred live and online sessions regarding marketing, sales, and technology consulting


Ali, Structural Engineer

Working with Ed, I discovered that I unconsciously did not want to be responsible for my decisions. I realized that I do not have self-confidence to choose to get married or even to choose to remain single. I started to take responsibility for my life. I decided to get married and we both knew that we will start a very challenging life together. Now I can face my decisions powerfully and I am happy with my new life.

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Frank, Venture Capitalist

Ed was instrumental in shedding light on to my blind spots and uncovering areas of weakness so that I could stand in my full strength. He has a laser sharp coaching style as a facilitator who delivers the goods with warmth, humor and grit.


Jose, Financial Advisor

Ed was a great male role model for me. He helped me see what it can be like to be a good man, an authentic man. The impact that had in my life completely shifted all the relationships that I was having professionally as well as personally. I don’t know where I would be without a male role model like Ed.


More about Ed

Ed is a father to his seven-year-old son. He has been sought out by individuals and organizations for private coaching and consulting.  In his corporate life, Ed is a business strategist for a global software company where he advises multi-billion dollar corporations as they implement large scale technology and marketing projects. Ed is also a 200-hour certified yoga instructor based in Orange County, CA.